It’s All About the Community

The Dayton Community Revitalization Network (DCRN) is a community organizational entity that is designed to be an advocate primarily for the residents of the West side of Dayton through mechanisms of spirituality, awareness, and education. The DCRN’s funding relies on membership dues, contributions, and eventually investors. Membership is structured with a community organization, business, church, and/or individual supporter designation.

Benefits of Membership

The community organization designation entails allowing for an organization to designate one representative and one vote to the DCRN, who is in accord and agrees to adhere to the principles, policies, and objectives of DCRN. The individual supporter is a member who is not a part of an organization but chooses to support the efforts of the DCRN and is accorded all the rights and privileges of DCRN except those of voting and holding elected offices.

The Cost

  • Individual

  • $25.00/Year

  • IndividualLevel
  • Votes
  • PersonalAccess
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  • Organizational

  • $100.00/Year

  • OrganizationLevel
  • Votes
  • Community Org, Business, ChurchAccess
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If you would like to join, please complete the application below and submit your payment via PayPal or by mailing a check.


Membership Dues

Please remit payment to:

Brenda Moore, DCRN Treasurer
C/O The Dayton Community Revitalization Network (DCRN)
27 Gettysburg Avenue
Dayton, Ohio 45417