Simenola MerinerRaised and born in Dayton Ohio.   I Attended Dayton Public Schools.  I am a graduate of Patterson Co-op High School.  I have some college experience.

During my Co-op years I worked at varies companies. I have worked at Avery Dennison (previous original name:  Monarch Marking) for approx. 38 years.

I have 25 plus years as a member of the Southwest Priority Board which also included being the acting chairperson during the illness of Mrs. Georgia Wortham.  I have continued my work in the community for the same amount of years.

I am a graduate of NLI, PARITY 2000, Community Reinvestment Institute Program, Citizens Police Academy and others.

I re-established the Southern Westwood Neighborhood Association which has been renamed:  Westwood Collaborative Network Neighborhood Association.  The agency is inclusive of the entire Westwood region of Dayton, OH, of which I am the current president