My name is Emma Andrews. I was born  in Louisville, KY, to Harrison and Charlotte Burnett.  I have been married to Louis Andrews for 35 years and we have 7 children, 18 grandchildren, and 10 great grandchildren (a proud granny).

I have been involved in both non-profit community and private sector service for more than twenty years in various areas of community and economic development. I received a certificate in Computerized Accounting from Southwestern College of Business in 1991.  I also received an Associate degree in accounting at the end of my Certificate program, at the same college.  Based on my life and work experiences, I was able to test out of several of my business classes and paralleled an Associate program in Business Administration.  I was able to graduate under both programs; one in 1992 and one in 1993.  In the fall of 1993, I enrolled at Wilberforce University, located in Wilberforce, OH, for my undergrad studies to attain a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Management.  I finished my classes in November 1994 and was able to be a part of the June 1995 graduating class.  I continued to be driven by service and completed my Master of Science in Social Administration at Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2010.

In order to continue to be focused in my community, I remain very active in my involvement in community revitalization and community/economic development.  I have received certification in the areas of Neighborhood Leadership through the City of Dayton, Community Revitalization and Community Development (including construction project management which covers home inspection and home improvement education), Strategic Planning and Financial Literacy.  I have been an IRS coordinator for two volunteer income tax sites (VITA) in the Dayton, Ohio area for the past 12 years, to assist low income families with financial literacy education and college enrollment information. I have also been a mentor for at risk youth in math and English. I have received various certifications and recognitions for my community participation, as I am a servant and believe in helping our communities to develop a better way of life. Our youth are our future and their success depends on us providing what they need, supporting them, and helping to mold their character.