David K. Greer is a Civil Service retiree from the Federal Government with a little over 31 years of service to his credit.  Starting out as a vocational high school student from Patterson Co-Op High School, after he graduated he begin his Federal Civil Service career as a firefighter.  Unfortunately, because of a low blood sugar condition for which his doctor treated and returned him to work with a clean bill of health, the so called “powers that be” still decided that this disqualified him from being a firefighter after five years at it and he was removed and placed in another career field. Although this was against his wishes he accepted this “demotion” of the bureaucracy and forged ahead with a new vigor.  He vowed at this early point in his career to always fight against the injustices and inequality of the bureaucracy we are governed by and to always do his best to help people.  This became the foundation of his willingness to volunteer and lead as best as he could in his community.

Mr. Greer’s civic activities began as a volunteer community activist in 1996.  He became the Community Council Member representative to the Northwest Priority Board (NWPB) for the Jane Reece Neighborhood Association where he lives in Dayton, Ohio in 1999.  He has not stopped since.  He is very active in his Harris Memorial CME Church as the Usher Board President, member of the Trustee Board since 1997, and a member of the Male Chorus; Member, Vineyard Project Steering Committee – since 2000; and Moderator/member for the Harris Memorial CME Church Vineyard Project.  His dossier consist of: Northwest Priority Board Chairman 2005 to present; Administrative Assistant to the Chairman, Northwest Priority Board of Dayton – 2004, Vice Chairman – 2001 to 2003; Graduate Neighborhood Leadership Institute (NLI) – 2000; Graduate First Citizen Police Academy – 2001; Member, Dayton to Durban Elimination of Racism Housing Caucus – 2003; Member, Safe Haven Steering Committee of Dayton – 2002; Member, Alliance Community Schools Board of Trustees of Dayton – Member since 2001; Member, Community Justice Council of Dayton –2000; Community Council Member, Jane Reece Neighborhood Association – Member since 1996;  Lifetime Member, Greater Dayton Chapter of Blacks In Government.  We are a national organization with numerous chapters throughout the country.